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February 11, 2010

Autohotkey …. nice!

Filed under: utilities — coolantz @ 7:18 pm

I have searched for this kind of utility, since I started working in windows. For the record, I do work on MS windows, contrary to the popular belief of many a people, that I only use Linux :). Now I have found it, for those who’d like to take it for a spin :  autohotkey

Seriously, WOW.

Well, anyways, not to digress from the topic of this post, this is awesome utility, that has a basic scripting language. It can be used to perform nifty tricks linked to specific key press combination. Quite a time saver, as far as my automation preferences are concerned.

I’ll soon follow-up with some of my scripts to automate some routine tasks. If you like it, do share how you use it?


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