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July 20, 2010

So who has got it right?

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Well, off late, there has been much hue and cry about apple iphone 4 and it’s shortcomings. If apple is trying it’s hand at alternate marketing strategy, the plan clearly seems to be working.

Amongst the many flaws cited, the battery indicator not being accurate is something I could not raise my eyebrows upon. Despite having had 5 phones (of different brands, must I add), I have come to conclusion that battery indication has never been what user (or I) expect it to be.

I want my charge indicator to be a bar with linear dependency, with the slope indicating my phone’s battery consumption rate.

In not so technical terms :

If I know I can talk for 4 hours, on a full charge, I should be able to assume, that I can talk safely for 2 hours, if I see my battery bar to be 50 %. Well, I’m claiming it has never been so. The time I get before I draw first blood from my phone’s battery meter, is so not an sign of how the phone’s going to behave for the rest of the battery charge. The speed of bars diminishing picks up like a freight train and by the time it reaches its last few, I am pretty sure it’ll not even withstand a 5 minute call.

I have had the chance of observing this phenomena on Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson phone.

Looks like battery charge calculation does not burn down linearly. Imagine the marketing people’s glee when this problem gets addressed.

“Presenting (finally) , the phone which shows your exact battery charge left!”

Wishful thinking! Maybe iphone’s tenth iteration would have that.


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