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April 29, 2010

Take that …. Suckers!

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It was an unusually cloudy (or shall I say hazy, and a concoction of smog, dust and organic debris) day.

The temperature had been much lower, because of the overnight drizzle.

I decided I’ll ride my favorite thing to work…  cleo. Was I apt or what? It was smooth.

For those, who know what I deal with while I drive to office should picture that. Today it was worse. Power had been cut, and with the absence of traffic lights, the Indian drivers had taken upon themselves, the extra responsibility of managing how to drive where to go, and when to go (haha …, chuckle, ROFL even).

Needless to say, IFFCO chowk was in a rut. Nothing was moving to, or fro. I could see multiple deadlocks hampering the streamy flow, the traffic ought to be. I saw this girl, sitting in the rear seat of a car. She was motionless, and just staring out of her car’s, rolled up window. There was nothing she could do. She just looked. I doubt if she was observing anything.

“What a day, I had decided to take cleo out”. I smirked a little.

So I have done dirt biking, in the past, and it absolutely thrills me every single time I try it. This time around, I had a new tyre to go, and yeah, I wasn’t sweating in the heat, So I went off-road, into this area, where construction was happening. The track was very uneven. There was a point where I had to really rev up the engine to go over the incline. I tried, the first time the engine stalled and died on me. So I backed up, revved some more, and re tried the incline. I was a little in the air, and well past the mound. wooooohoooo.

So I circumvented the chaos at IFFCO chowk, and had loads of fun doing it. Total time in there = 2 mins.


Similarly, I found openings in all the hot spots up till my office. I mean, seriously … traffic jams do not affect bikes. I have personally experienced that so many times, it almost gives me immense confidence while I’m meeting a deadline on a bike. Car is a un-deterministic affair. Really

I hope I get more good weather days to take cleo out for spins.


April 16, 2010

Deplorable numbers, for what are they worth?

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It was a majorly publicized catch phrase, especially by the foreigners who’d  visit India, to get rid of their impressions of a country where elephants, and people doing some magical rope tricks, and other freaky entities co-exist.

Perhaps they had not braced up for what they did see. The sheer numbers must have made them feel dizzy, and given them a sort of high, their drugs would have failed to deliver.

The market, for anyone who wishes to manufacture and sell was tremendous. And new strategies and plans  were devised, specially called “made for India”.

Anyways, today’s screaming news headline really made it to the top. India has more cell phones than toilets. It was already, a well published fact that India does have more temples than toilets, and who would have known, the number of phones would also pip that number. I mean, it’s India, the number of toilets would be somewhat proportional to the number of people in the country.

UN, has really kicked off this extensive market research, and it seems their projected figures would still be a short fall by the completion of a certain project’s goal, by year 2015.

How important is access to proper sanitation, as a goal for mankind in India ?Well there are people discussing this problem, but my post is not focused to that problem, and if I were to discuss that, I’ll digress.

So back to the point. India has so many people, and well connected at that. Seems like cell phone is the most widespread computer in the country. Yet, apple app store, and nokia’s ovi initiatives are not specifically targeted for the country. Do they not realize the opportunity here?

It seems Indian people don’t really mind inconvenient pooping circumstances, but the hell they’d love to be connected. A huge, connected workforce. Distribute intelligence . For what it’s worth?

April 6, 2010

Another phenomenon or Murphy’s Law?

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This is kind of bizarre, for I haven’t seem it documented anywhere, but it happens ever so regularly, that I thought, maybe others experience it too.

I’ll call it “the word of the week”. 🙂

Let me explain : Do you ever come across a fancy(or not so fancy, even) word, every now and then, whose meaning (in fact existence), or the lack of it made no difference to you. Simply put, it had been out of bounds of your vocabulary, and life had trotted fine till now.

But now that your vocabulary has tasted blood, the usage of that particular word creeps up, with a consistent regularity, until you open up the dictionary/google, and nail the blighter.

So, how can one explain this ? Your Life’s been fine, so smooth, till you chance to hit it. And then it hits you again, and again, and again.

Do you come across words of weeks too?


Mona Lisa

April 5, 2010

Gadgets I could fry with.

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In continuation with my ongoing battle with the Delhi summer heat this year, I had decided to make my room free of the electronic equipment, that contributes to the largest amount of heat generated. I did some active profiling, and I’m kind of surprised, that my bulky PC, which I had assumed would generate massive amounts of heat (and had it in my hit list), was not so bad.

In fact, in terms of the temperature   additions, my Laptop with a NVIDIA quadro graphics card was a bigger bully.

So, here are a list of five things that should be replaced with better designs (in reverse ranking order).

5. The UPS powering my HTPC rig. I should have bought an inverter, where power switching did not result in such a delay that computer would not trip. Such designs are easily available now. At the time when I bought my power inverters, they weren’t so common place. So I had to add another UPS in between.  Bad choice.

4. The 60 watt bulbs in the room. I got to replace these with CFLs . What if I do want a bright spot of light. CFL’s to not give a crisp light source. They are more for the ambient lights, like tube lights, that do not cast a precise shadow. Maybe their use can be limited, so I can live with these lights. They come up for like half an hour a day, and then CFL kicks in.

3.The HTPC. Hey now, I need something to keep me entertained. Maybe I should replace the bulk with an NVIDIA ion based box like thingy, which would humble my existing setup, both in terms of raw graphics capabilities, and heat generated.

2.The mighty laptop. Yep, my work machine. Do I need that fire power ?  At times, I do, This is a very sensitive topic, I suppose. I think not much can be done in this regard. It’s not just my fun, but the source of bread and butter for me. Had I been filthy rich, I’d probably say, let’s have a separate study room altogether. But filthy richness is a solution to most of the man-made problems, and some natural ones too :).

1. The LCD screen. Yeah , the coveted number one slot in “how much heat one generates” surely goes to my TV screen. I wonder, how this becomes a smart efficient design then. The old CRT based TVs did never become as hot as my Samsung LCD does. Is it a defective piece? It’s only a 32 inch screen. But it heats up like a hot plate. Maybe there’s too much of sex on television these days.

Do tell me your experiences with LCDs. And I thought they were more power friendly by design. I need to profile this one for power consumption as well. I think I’d be surprised for all my beliefs.

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