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March 27, 2010

Shmearth hour.

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It is amazing, really how media does transform something which is a simple concept to something probably larger than life. Such as the concept “earth hour”,  in India. It is funny, jarring, disappointing how people are having says and intents about the earth hour. I mean seriously, how relevant is it. And why should politicians/actors be so interested?

Again I’m not the one who has done the research on figures and facts, but I’ve seen the kind of emissions one has on roads these days. Why doesn’t government put a serious check on the number of vehicles running on the road? Not only does it clog up the flow of traffic, causing inconvenience to many a people, and also, with each extra minute a vehicle spends running, amounting to addition to harmful chemicals in the “pure” atmosphere.

I mean I haven’t seen Shiela Dixit come up and say … “Delhiites …. carpool benefits by government agenda”. Why not tax the  people who have in excess of a certain number of cars.

Then I’ve seen people crib a lot about lack of public transport here as opposed to other cities. I think whatever the government does, where Delhi would fall flat on its face is scalability issues. I guess the sheer number of takers is so huge, that whatever they decide to pitch in, would be insufficient, and inefficient. Like the ordering of fleet of buses. I still see them loaded, and crammed with people. And more the number, bigger the original traffic problem. sigh….

I think the new revolutionary idea would be something on the lines of pooling the resources, and utilizing from the pool. Like people pitch in to have a fleet of cars, and they can raise requests, to use a car from that fleet. When a bunch of them need it to travel in the same route, we have a cheap run. When someone wishes for an exotic run, that’s an expensive run. One necessary requirement to accomplish this would be the real-time communication of a persons whereabouts and their plan of travels.

Anyways,  ideas galore, but Shiela Dixit can only think of raising the numbers. More busses = solving immediate problems. And when she appears on-screen with SRK or someone suggesting you to switch lights for the earth hour, remember, it’s just a gimmick. And if your friends call up how they are doing their bit by turning off their own lights …. they’ve just been roped in.

Did I turn off lights during the earth hour? I didn’t have to. there was no electricity.


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