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March 21, 2010

Quite a day.

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Sometimes, life forces you to play by its rules and not your own. Many a times, as it turns out, it’s not necessarily bad. Just different. Plain, and simple different.

So, if I were to give you a gist of how my day has been so far, I’m pretty sure there would be this unanimous opinion, maybe sympathetic offerings or two as well.

So, here’s how my day went by.

  1. Was driving at 12:00 AM, got unfortunate enough to get stuck in a kind of traffic held up near Mehrauli. Some hooligans had taken over the road, and I swear I saw at least 50 bikes whizz past me, as I was about to take a U-turn. All of them had this peculiar characteristics. All of them had at least one pillion rider. Some had even two. None of these passengers had any sort of protective helmets on. Many of them had this Red and Golden (often seen in Hindu temples), stole worn like a bandana, on the head. They seemed up to no good.
  2. Got back by, 1AM, did not sleep till 2. Do not really know why, but just didn’t feel like. To compound my problems, the next morning was Tennis morning, and I was hoping for an early slot.
  3. Got up, by 6:30 AM, decided, to go play tennis, I usually would have declined, for such shortage of sleep really kills me. But I do not like playing in the scorching sun, so I did stipulate, that I will play if I get a time slot before 9 AM. (We have a 1 hour slot system in out tennis compound, can only play till the hour).
  4. Played Tennis even after 9AM. Wow it was pinching hot. and seriously, I would have loved to stay indoors. More to this one, Played 2 sets, lost them both and how !!! (6-2,6-2).
  5. Friends decided, to have breakfast at All American Diners,  I have a thing for that place, and as my day would have had it, I had already eaten breakfast. Decided to tag along any ways. But did not get a chance to exploit my awesome appetite.

So, there. I should be cribbing about things. And I say “Quite a day” !! Surprised ?? Here is some annexure with the key points I mentioned.

  1. That was after a nice date :). I discovered, and was handed off with some nice music to listen to. Naturally, I was keenly tuned in to the new fix in my mp3 player. Thrilled as a 3-year-old would be, driving wasn’t so bad.
  2. Still the music. Also, I decided to watch some videos. was hooked up till late.
  3. Yep, but was lucky to get a ride (I hate driving!). Decided to do some wall practice. Lucky to get a 8-9AM slot (in addition to 9-10AM) slot at the tennis court. Lucky that my tennis playing buddy turned up in the nick of time so that I could think of playing. How I used this extra slot, is a theme for another post. I’ll be composing it and putting that up in a while. Yes, I did lose the game, but I did gain in the game. (Go figure) Trust me. I feel a better player now.
  4. My losing streak did continue, but overall, I feel much more sure about my shots now.
  5. Me losing appetite for brunch, just cause I’ve had breakfast. Yeah sure!

But yea, I’m still not playing in 9-10AM slot again. It’s just too freaking hot. And I’m getting old here.



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