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March 16, 2010

Shipping problem solved.

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Imagine this:

Seller is willing to sell, consumer is more than happy to pay. Still, it’s a no deal. Loses for both, and why ? Because geographically speaking, the two endpoints are really far away.

People come up with wacky/intuitive ideas to offer the logistics for the problem, but it still exists, and raises its ugly head time and again. Like, often I want something, that’s available in the US, so I ask a friend of mine to carry it back to India when they plan to come.

Yesterday, my sister ordered some clothes to be shipped in a similar arrangement.

I had my dinner shipped.

I had a good dinner yesterday, because I asked my friend to pack it along and bring it over. From Lucknow. For those unfamiliar, Lucknow is like a Mughal food (Kebabs, Biryani, etc.) paradise. In fact, it adds a special taste to such dishes, which is not available elsewhere. So kebabs from that city won’t be like the typical kebabs available in delhi, gurgaon. Biryani would also be different.

I had once gotten a chance to eat all this because I was there for a wedding, and needless to say, I was hooked. So I had craved for all these delicacies, for some time now, when my friend RC declared (all out of nowhere), that he intends to make a quick weekend trip to Lucknow.

I asked him to get some kebabs back for me. He agreed.

He is the one to go one step beyond, in most of the things he seriously tries.

So, yesterday, when I got a call from him, I was hoping to get some frozen/half done kebabs from Lucknow.

But I got an entire spread. No kidding. There were kebabs, Biryani, some thing called “Sheermal”, and curd to go along with the biryani.

The glutton in me took charge, and I gobbled up all those dishes, at a tremendous rate. So much so, that I thought I’ll hurt my stomach by the end of it. 🙂 But I didn’t. All is well.

Thank you RC. you made my day.


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