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March 10, 2010

In the summertime … we study interior design

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Cut to Delhi …

The weather’s not fine, and you got AC, you got AC on your mind.

I guess it’s a universally acceptable fact for people in Northern part of India, that summer is a time to be dealt with. It certainly doesn’t pass you by, but has to be tackled with. It also manages to take along a certain unfortunate set of people. The ingenuity of people and the contraptions that people do come with does give a sort of silver line (The spirit of innovation) to the otherwise grim situation.

If summer in Delhi is like a villain, it is served by “dust” as a trusty sidekick. My battle with dust is ongoing one, and time after time, I try to come up with something that makes my place a little free of it.

Even I play a soldier in sustaining self through the time of the year.

So this time, in my trials to be in a relatively cooler place, I have given my room a darkish appearance, and also created around an open side of it, a dark column of air, By having those heavy sheets made of bamboo, covering the front facing balcony in my room.

Other than day, the basics are already covered, like the fan, and the AC has been cleaned and serviced up to give me the ideal performance.But AC, cooler, etc. seem like patches. As much as India is famous for patchwork, visit an old heritage building, take any example … NeemRana fort, Hawa Mehal … these places seem to be cool, despite having no fans, ACs, etc.

So I decided to do a bit of reading, about what passive cooling is. It’s a vast area, and I’m on it. Certainly very interesting. But it requires work from ground up.

In my case, I have been already presented with a situation. So my work is cut out.

According to passive cooling design, my room has a remarkably bad position in terms of the side it faces, and the area which is directly exposed to the sun.

I am going to study some of the theories and try to put them to good use this year.

I’m gonna post my findings under the tag “Home Improvement”.

Let’s see how it goes.



  1. That’s great! Interior design is really an interesting thing and I can relate to you.
    I guess you need more Interior Design Ideas for a great output. Thank You for your post.

    Comment by Interior Design Ideas — March 10, 2010 @ 12:59 pm | Reply

  2. […] to counter the unbearable heat of the summer sun, I’ve launched an initiative to use best practices and principles, to cool my “over the top” […]

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