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February 21, 2010

So, that’s it . Haah .

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From quite some time now, I have pondered over this question, and till date, I could not come up with a satisfactory explanation for it. You see I’m one of those people who strongly believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason”.

Continuing on the topic, I really wanted to know why people took to smoking, and what makes them be at it. Starting it can be one of the many reasons. I have seen people who can be placed in every (even more than one) category. This list certainly claims to be comprehensive in any way:

  • Peer Pressure : Yea this XYZ person smokes, and he is so cool, etc. This would be applicable to younger smokers, possibly kids and adolescents.
  • Smoking helps me stay slim : I’ve seen some women subscribe to this belief. The credibility of this one is yet to be verified. Well, nicotine is an appetite suppressant, but I’m never too much in favor of “control your diet to lay off weight” theory.
  • Smoking helps me stay focused : I have seen many people in engineering college say this. Some of them would smoke only around the exams. What crap … can someone explain this?

Well, so far all the reasons to start. But I suppose,  for 9 in 10 people, most of their beliefs would be shattered. Why do they stick to it then? I mean, none of that seems any good. Smells even worse, and yes , it burns a hole in their pocket.

It was not until very recently, I was talking to this very philosophical person, who really made it very simple for me to understand.

“For people who continue to smoke, despite not really liking it, in true sense, the attraction is the time they get out from it, for themselves.What I  mean is people subconsciously get to like those five minutes of breaks sprinkled in between a usually hectic day. That way, they do not feel any guilt or remorse, in missing out from the work, as they must “smoke”. Other people are usually guaranteed to respond in positive. As in, “if he/she smokes, let him/her”

You see, this pesky excuse to get time out for themselves is the driving force, for people to continue smoking, despite not being the greatest fans of the process. I’m mostly referring to people in corporate world, who live their life like a struggle to balance their personal and professional life. Makes real good sense. doesn’t it?

It all boils down to this philosophy :

It’s just a “me moment”. No one dare disturb!


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