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January 17, 2010

Nightmare in the morning.

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Morning is a time, I really feel great. However there’s a stress factor, that has crept up in a way which could be best described as stealthy. Well, to tell the entire truth it’s mix of factors, but it’s shaken me enough to take notice and possibly try to solve the problem.

The reason is this : I hate going to office.

Now, before any conclusions are drawn, and I get a label, let me clarify. The place I have to head to, after getting up from a peaceful night’s sleep, is so detached from peace as fish are from air. To be more precise, it’s a painting of chaos, with a myriad of colors, that are predominantly dull gray, and dirty brown. The drive up till there, is often filled with incidents, accidents, and spats amongst drivers due to road rage and bad mood of people in general.

Although, a distance of only 7 kms separates my workplace from my house, the drive on an average 30 minutes long. And not the best 30 mins of my life, in fact something I dread.

I work in a company whose office is in Udyog Vihar, Electronic City. At times I do wonder what is the reason for such a mismatched name. There is nothing electronic about the city. There are no roads(if you don’t consider old, tattered mud and stone lined pathways) , no sense of driving among people, traffic policemen, who seem more apt at managing a herd of cattle, rather than automotive traffic.

Also, there is this string of huge factories, with Maruti Udyog as a central crown jewel, that contribute in there special ways, to have another dimension to the chaos. The fleet of trucks that emerge from the premises of these factories are humongous, and for a unseasoned driver, the encounter can be pretty daunting.

I have to pass a round about near my house, which is full of people, at that point of time, so I get bogged there. Soon, I reach an intersection, where it takes me a minimum of 25% of my travel time to get across. many people, spontaneously decide to switch lanes there, cutting the flow of following traffic, and at times leading to a deadlock. According to me, a U-turn at that intersection is probably the cause of much of the evil. Anyways, 100 meters up ahead, another intersection. Here the mood of majority of the people is to take U-turn, and that cuts off the following traffic.

After I get past that, and drive for a couple of kilometers, into the vicinity of Maruti Udyog, it’s the huge trailers, and trucks that decide to play boogie.  If any one of those trucks decide to take a U-turn, they cut off the swarm of other smaller vehicles following them. At times, they are deadlocked by the swarm of smaller vehicles on the opposite side of the road. So the swarm of cars behind these trucks grow into a honking mob of drivers yelling out profanities and trying to hustle their way past each other.

If I am lucky (many a times I have to re route my approach to come from an equally jammed street, but in circumstances,  seems an easier deal), I reach to the final turning to my office. I get into a narrow street with cars parked at both sides me doing a slow and cautious driving as if I’m asked to strictly follow my nose. Very disturbing.

Finally, my office parking lot. It’s a mess. The stupid managers cannot seem to come up with a solution. I have thought over it myself, and I have something, which could be handy. But not the management at my office. They do not anything of that. Anyways, after squeezing my car into a tiniest of slots, I go ahead to walk to my office building. That is the time I start breathing easy.

And I have just described the best of weather/seasons here. Add to it a rainy day, and consider the place to be nightmarish, as in the skill levels of quake 3.



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