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January 9, 2010

Auto Expo 2010

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This is an event that showcases what’s fresh, and what to expect in the world of automobiles. The kind of crowd it draws is mind numbing, to say the least. I’ve been to Auto Expos in the past, and this year was no different.

I have no concrete statistics, or haven’t done the kind of research some people do, and come out with numbers such as “200,000 people in the first hour” … or so on.But the number of people were large enough, to create an illusion of “sea of people”, at metro station exit. The flow pretty much broke it down :). Lines of people at the entry gate, lining up to the next gate of the huge periphery of Periphery of Pragati maidan. Heck, the mobile phone network being weighed down, because of the sheer number of people in a finite area. I’m sure you get the kind of number I’m referring to.

I wonder though. who these people are? Attending such a specialized form of art display. I mean there were uncles, aunties, dolled up females and little kids at the place, for whom, cars are simply a means of getting from a point A to point B.  If it comes in that shade of red, it’ll be better. And of course, this is a big car, that’s a small car. That’s about it.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to know anything better about cars either. My like/dislike for a car stems up to pretty much these points: looks, looks of the dashboard, looks of the lights, leg room for passengers.

I mean, I don’t get the other (more important figures) such as hp, torque, and RPM stuff. that’s like Greek talk to me. I’ve have earnestly tried to follow it’s explanation from some of my more informed friends, but it fails to register.

So, I got myself asking … “Why am I here?”.

Well, the atmosphere of the place did not help much either. It was a typical, bright sunny weekend, with new families, taking the well deserved break from the seemingly endless streak of fog filled past week. The media had created such a frenzy about the place, that many people just had to go. It was so much the “in thing”. The time was ripe. and I was caught unaware. I thought we’d be going during business hours, but as it turns out, on weekends, there are no business hours.

So I was there with a couple of enthusiastic friends (who I guess, do understand hp,RPM, and displacement talk), and right from the entry, the place seemed to be a bit daunting to my liking. There were so many people. Many of them, not even looking at cars, but running after their little ones (who are blessed with ability to create heaven as and when they please) .

I think, I a pretty much desensitized about cars. I do not have a loyal brand following.I particularly dislike the kind of showcasing auto expo has. What they have at the fairs, is also pretty much the mundane routine. Run off the mill.

  • There would be a contemporary, car that is visible on road every day. That kind of sets the tone, and sort of connects the brand image for people.
  • Then there would be some cars, which are not yet in production. This forms the “what to expect” segment. This part of a brand, I really like.
  • Then there is a “Concept Car”. It is usually to say, that this model is too expensive or technically complex to produce, that it sales will not justify the cost to make it. I hate concept cars. I do not even venture near them. Usually, they are also barricaded with so many layers of people, that it seems too much of an effort for a distant glimpse.
  • People standing in front of cars, and getting themselves clicked. I predict many of such pics surface up as facebook profile pics in this month.
  • At a place not too far from the “concept car”, there would be a elevated platform, where the best looking of men and women would hold up to the common cars as though they were the “concept cars”.At other times they would break from this routine, and start to jiggle to some catchy tunes. But, no one ever touches the “concept car”. That piece of shiny metal, must rule in solitude. An equal or a greater number of people clicking them
  • And finally there would be some people dressed in suits, going yada yada with some enthusiastic visitor, or a good looking person of the opposite sex.

Moreover cars are cars. I like most of them. There is hardly a vehicle, which I say I hate. And if there is, it almost never makes it to these fairs. Also, to me, all the cars of all the brands look the same. They offer same variants : a hatchback, a sedan, and a SUV. All are pretty much like able. You see Honda, Skoda, Audi, BMW …. I see only looks. Well, so what was it? I kept asking myself. What was I doing there.

So,  I did a disappearing act. :). I left, went over to a nearby Market, at a eating place I really love, and had a feast for lunch. Yea, I pretty much bunked Auto Expo.

I did not even plan this before going there. It just happened, and it was fun.

If you came here expecting photos ….. tough luck!


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