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November 23, 2009

geekier than thou

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This has been coming in a lot lately. Many people, whom I know, and who might not necessarily know each other, “insist” that I have geekish tendencies.

Who is a geek?

I was always of the opinion, that a geek is someone, who is living at the limits of obsession, of their area of expertise. Maybe a physicist, a doctor, a musician or maybe an artist. By thisdefinition, maybe A.R Rahman could be classified as a geek, so could Amitabh Bacchan. Sachin Tendulkar would be a certain geek. The amount of time they dedicate to their professions, of course they look good doing it too.

Why do I get the label. Seriously, I don’t know. I admit, I have my way around some of the computing devices, which other people find complicated. Doesn’t imply I am obsessed with studying each of their functions. And I certainly do not spend time playing with them either. It’s just an artifact of my profession.

I mean I have noticed some people jut getting edgy with their iphones and blackberries, even in a party full of hot chicks.So much so, that their jokes tend to be about their latest phones/camera. They should be classified geeks.(Dorks/nerds in fact).

I cannot see myself working like a mad man, with any particular activity. Believe me, I’ve seen possessed people, and I am not one of them. Although I do wish I were one of the ones who look beautiful 🙂

haha. wishful thinking. isn’t it?



Winter, cold, shivering ….. nice :)

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This always catches me unprepared. I have to (as if , from a habit) suffer at the onset of winters. I love when the weather changes from unbearably humid and hot to comfortably cool, in the evenings, to nice and easy throughout. That is, the transition time.

But I invariably fail to take into the account the projected temperatures the season aspires to attain. It usually happens one day (actually, on night) , that I’m like ‘nice  weather … let’s go out’ … type of mood, and when I do, I feel a bit too uncomfortable, and end up sulking.

This season, things were no different. Mom suggested prudently “Baccha, start using blankets, don’t you feel cold at night…. ” . Now, there’s also a reason for me not ready to buy into her suggestion . The room I live in, happens to be exposed to the roof, and so, it gets really warm during the day. So, naturally, I did not pay heed to the useful advice.

So one night, when I was sleeping, (actually not sleeping, I had a bad dream, and got up to drink some water), I felt it. I crawled back on to my bed, and realized it was so freaking cold. I had a various reactions to it. I shivered I tried to cover myself with an extra bed cover. No good! I just lay tossing and turning. That is how I spent the night. I call it the day “winter walked in”.

Every year I face such a day. A day when I realize, it’s time to pack up tees and shorts, get sweatshirts and woolens out. Start using blankets, etc.

I love winters. yay!

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