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August 31, 2009

What’s wrong with me?

Filed under: philosophy — coolantz @ 11:23 pm

Seeing is believing? Or let’s just say most of the times.

I seem to get to a different state when I see a piece of art. Why that’s a feeling like “tongue tied and twisted … ” . So, it might be  a beautiful write up, a great photo, a remarkable piece of music, a good looking girl or a nifty piece of computer program (eh? Yeah that features as well).

Ok, the point is, i see the other person in awe, and more often than not I become judgmental about that skillful person. But the problem is, I see art in many places, others wouldn’t even consider. A good piece of furniture ,  or that seems to typical, I mean…  a clean room, nicely cut vegetables, good perfume choice, good dressing sense … yea I consider that as art too.

I mean, that would make me a terribly easy target, ie someone who would succumb to smallish things in life.This would definitely qualify as one of my biggest weakness, not that I don’t have any other. But this one’s out in the wild. Let’s see if it gets me some day.

Why am I posting this? Well, I guess I’m not a bright bloke either.


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