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June 6, 2009

Cholle bathure …. yum

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So, today, after like what has been ages, I decided to give my gastrointestinal brain, a breather
For the unacquainted ones .. yes I do believe I have two brains. One that drives me to food, and one normal, logical one, that is pretty well documented in any school’s textbook. I say so, because I have seen the “other” one totally blemish the normal, ever so logical one and take charge of my body.

I daresay it wasn’t the sheer instinct kicking in , cause I was far from the point of starvation.

My friend suggested “why not go for some cholle bathure?” . Now those who know me would understand how important that dish is to me. I mean there’s probably just butter chicken which is a notch above, but I am guessing the abysmal frequency with which I consume cholle bathure lately, had pushed my brains craving for cholle bathure way up . Perhaps more than rational thinking as well.

“But we should go to Shadipur Depot on a metro”, I whined. The shop there supposedly gives out the best of cholle bathure, at least as far as I have had. “All the way from DLF” …, my friend here did not have the extra brain that was taking reigns as i was arguing.

Anyways, we didn’t go to Shadipur depot. We’ve postponed the trip to next weekend. 😉
As for today, we went to Bikanerwala in Gurgaon, had a round of Dhoklas, Cholle , extra helping, and washed it all down with a glass (actually a kullhar) of Lassi.

Delhi food. I love you!


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