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March 29, 2009

Human behaviour

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We (myself emphatically included), never seem to learn, when things are going nice and easy. It’s in a way suggestive that through hardships, and struggle, can one grow (or even think) towards a better life. Very recently, I was involved in a life threatening situation, which made me realize how much I value life. I feel the urge to celebrate every single day from now on. Had it not been for that incident, I would probably be cribbing for some other reason or two, and bitch about how life is unfair, and people don’t care. But anyways, I’m alive, and have so much to share (notice the silly rhyme?).

Admitted, life is ironic, but you’d rather be alive than be rich, or famous (or substitute your personal fantasy). You, all love life, and you probably realize that once you even get a fleeting glimpse of death approaching. Anyways, my point is, each new day is a invaluable treasure. Do cherish it. Do things that matter to your heart. Live it up. And never waste time sulking.

Also, as much as I thought, I’d be scarred for life, I feel like I have learnt my lessons in good time. Here’s a very positive thought “There are no mistakes in your life. Your life is made up by connecting the innumerable decisions you’ve taken, like dots. Own up to them. Retrospection is good, but over doing is not so good”

How it affects me?
For all the bad memories in my past life, I used to have sort of tape replaying over and over in my head. I would visualize the same moment, re-imagine the scenes, and would wonder, what if I hadn’t done/said that? Nothing consequential was achieved doing the futile activity, except for a odd realization at times, which would make me want to go at the replay more, and the cycle repeated. Turns out I wasted more time brooding this way.

Then, I heard this. “Why worry about something you know you can do. Just do the deeds and get it done! And, of course, for the things you know you cannot do, why worry?” Simple as it may sound, I feel that most of the problems we face are classifiable in the two categories. Then there are those for which one tends to be uncertain. I say, break it into parts. Ultimately, those smaller parts will either be doable, or un-doable :), or depend on some one else’s contribution. Remember, you can motivate others, only to a certain point, but you should not have expectations.

Too much for a simple blog like mine? I agree. But some times, pensive mood gets this from you Anyways, I’ll conclude on this thought:
I might be down, but I’ll bounce back
wandering down the road, I’m lost, but soon I’ll be on track
I do not know how it’s going to look like
But I see hues, not just white and black.


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