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January 24, 2008

Monkey cap. How I miss you….

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This post goes out to all the bongs I have jeered, (in college, and later) at for slipping into their monkey caps with the slightest fall in the mercury level. What I overlooked was that how cold you feel, and the way you react to that sensation is very personal, and highly dependent on what kind of weather you’re acclimatized to.

Well, so I arrived in Korea, Suwon on the 22 of Jan.

I’ve been in a state of shock since. Whereas, when I have to step out, I nicely wrap myself in a cap, earmuffs, and muffler, I see people here very conveniently wandering around in none of that. All they need is a jacket, and they’re ready to step out, and also claim that the weather is looking bright and warm. Not only that, females are seen in skirts, and mostly an overcoat, kids play around in the sun. Now look at me … I wrap myself in nearly 4 layers of clothings, and still crib about the cold wind.

  • Maybe, their bodies have adjusted to the climate.(I’ll be able to comment in a week or two)
  • Or they eat a special diet. (Again , a week and I’ll know)
  • Or they have evolved somewhat into something distinct. (Any one comment on this)

January 23, 2008

DBM . The 4th Anniversary meet.

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13th January was the 4th anniversary for the DBM, and this time around I decided, that I had been in Delhi long enough and I ought to meet the people, who write and whose work I so religiously follow (that even my RSS reader takes some time to load now-a-days).


So, well, I got into my shoes(apart from the other stuff), and decided to kick off till CP where the meeting was planned….. Blues.


Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive at first. Even more so because of a sort of “Power tussle” that managed to create 2 groups, and two meets, on separate dates. Anyways, after having met these people, I wonder why anyone would ever have problems in the first place.


Theories apart, My gatherings and observations from the meet are:

  1. Blues is a nice place. If you are a Delhi-ite, like good music, this is a must visit. I just wish it had a section for non-smokers 🙂
  2. The people involved with the organizing task are quite responsible and capable.
  3. Some of the people I met are very Jovial. Quite frankly, I expected some bookworms, but, these people are lively (they still might be bookworms, though not in the typically portrayed mold 🙂 )
  4. Would have loved to speak to each of them separately, for longer durations of time, but blues is not quite a place that encourages conversations.

  5. Never touch a sizzler plate, even after the smoke’s died out, and other people are mouthing it’s contents at a brisk pace.


PS: I realize, that this post is coming at a rather odd time, (read late), but I had been ridiculously busy for the past week. I further shamefully admit, that I’m composing this post from the airport, cause my flight is 3 hours late.


But I hope I’ll get to write more often in the near immediate future, cause I foresee myself having considerable amount of free time.

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