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September 30, 2006

I’m back and alive !!

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I was not out from the blogging business, I was only momentarily down. Without the services of my right hand for three weeks, it became very difficult for me to even compose a small email, leave alone composing posts for my blog.

It was painful, scary and very thought provoking.
My bike was like the love of my life, and despite being warned by my elders(and well wishers), I continued to use it for commuting rather long journeys. Firstly let me clarify, I still love her and will never let her go. The was has been used to word the previous sentence because my bike is no more. It lies smashed in my driveway, and I’m myself not fit enough to take it for repairs (and major repairs at that).

I love biking. With the free wind blowing on the face, and the great pickup as compared to a 4 wheeler. Anyways, things have come to a rather unexpected halt. Maybe temporary, maybe permanent. Time will soon tell.

I was coming back one fine evening from my office, on a road that was not too well lit, although had very nice surface, and is mostly free of traffic. So naturally I was tempted to speed. I think I was doing around 60 kmph when out from nowhere came a cow(or a ox, I’m not too sure) and I, was rather too close to the beast to do anything to do anything smart or useful. I imminently crashed (head on) into it, and my bike uttered its last sounds, after which the place was still, dark, and absolutely deserted.

After lying there for around 2 minutes(it seemed like eternity to me at that time), I tried to see if I’m alive. It was that bad. First reaction was to see around and after opening my eyes (yes I could only gather the courage to do so after 2 minutes), I realised I could see, hear, and basically, my head was OK. Moved my neck rib-cage and spine and limbs felt real grateful for an instant.

My bike was smashed on it’s head, and whereas I thought only it’s light had broken, I realised that almost all instruments (speedometer, tachometer, clutch) had been knocked out by such a force that I felt terribly lucky to be alive. Hoping that my phone was OK, as I was on a deserted road, so that I could call for help, I whipped it out and tried to dial, when it hit me … my phone seemed to weigh like a brick and I almost let it go.

My hand was trembling and swollen. It was broken.

My Bike suffered the most.
poor baby….


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