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August 14, 2006

Wash away all your sins ….. GET MARRIED !

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Time and again, I had heard about how difficult it is for people to find a place, if they don’t live as a family. Always took it with a bit of humor and sense of bewilderment on why would such a weird line of reasoning exist without purpose.

There were a bunch of movies to depict such situations (usually with an added dash of humor), and stories I had read, on similar lines. I must say, they were enjoyable. 🙂

Not long ago, I was in a receiving end of such a scenario. Looking a good place to stay. For a bunch of bachelors. In NCR? I must be out of my mind…….

However, at the onset I couldn’t imagine how difficult it is going to be for me. (Rest in Peace, poor soul). Me and a couple of friends, decided after much deliberation, and contemplation, that living together would be fun and we should have a crack at it. So, we began the hunt …… (only to realize that we were the game)

I was taken to really shabby places, was shown the most rundown of the houses, asked for the most exuberant of rents, and may I add, humiliated. Why? Bachelorhood (esp. in India), is looked down upon by people. Now, I’m so used to getting the demeaning looks, once I go up to a landlord, and ask for a place for a bachelors. sigh !

Even the brokers have their share of fun when they see our plight and I can see why the situation might look more comic with the third person’s perspective. But it’s sad. I feel demoralized, after the sort of treatment we’ve been subjected too!

“Bhayia yeh ghar dekh lo. Bachelors ke liye theek rahega”
–One of the brokers, who after showing us a really crappy house, expected us to take it.(He was blasted away with the choicest of abuses.)

“Kuware ho? Khaane ke liye kya karoge”
–One of the landlady interrogating us before showing us the house.(Ma’am we can cook, and might I add, in this particular case, much better than you)

“I wish you had asked me a month earlier. Now I have got the woodwork done and whitewash. Now I’ll give it only to a family”
–Another land lady.(We also like clean+well done house. But, anyways, your point is ????)

“Bhayia aap to shaadi kar lo. Woh kaam zyaada aasan hai. Phir ghar dilana to mere baayen haath ka khel hai”
–Another broker trying to be funny.(This one I beleive had a point 🙂 )

It’s not that we live like there’s no tommorrow. We are also human beings.

It’s like being blamed for a crime one has not committed ……..
I can feel how the oppressed group might feel in a communal rage …..
I pity myself for being here …….

India ……. Prejudice is thy middle name!

A friend of mine had to say this

What if you go seeking a prospective could-be-bride’s hand for the big “holy alliance”, from her parents ? Probably they would say “Beat it loser!!!Our daughter is availabale only to already married men. Bachelors ……. shooooo!!!




  1. hahahah… hey coolant.. i know i shouldn’t be laughing.. but it really was an awesome post..i hate to laugh at your expense.. really..
    so wht have you decided then? getting married?
    why aren’t you married again? 😀 kidding… u dont have to answer that 🙂
    was feeling kinda low.. and yr post gave me a gud laugh.. thanks!
    great blog!


    Comment by Devil's own — August 19, 2006 @ 10:57 am | Reply

  2. Cool post…It was fun reading it.
    I love the last line…Good crunchy end to a nicely penned post.
    Please highlight the ‘choicest of abuses”…Now they’re even in movies…
    BTW…when are you getting married…?? You can demand a bunglow in NCR
    for dowry….heh ehah eaee…

    Comment by Ron — August 20, 2006 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  3. @Devil’s own : Yeah, you’re right. The situation does look bleak and at the moment there isn’t a apt place that I’ll willingly shift into. (But time’s run out on me and I have to, anyways). But, this post is meant to be laughed at, so go ahead. And remember … you aren’t laughing at my expense, but my situation 🙂 . So do I. Chill.

    @Ron : thanks dude. I really value your opinions. Do give the comments (praise/critics), whenever you feel like. And the ‘choicest of abuses’ …. since they are already in movies …. needn’t be repeated. It’s like re-inventing the wheel. 🙂 . For those uninitiated to the so called ‘choicest of abuses’, a good starting point would be the movie ‘Omkara’ . Or South Park(Longer uncut …), dubbed in Hindi. 😉

    Me getting married ? I’ll save the topic for another post. 🙂

    Comment by coolantz — August 21, 2006 @ 5:04 am | Reply

  4. awesome post…..and i can identify with it…consider urself lucky that u were looking not in chennai……some excuses that we heard in chennai

    non veggies not allowed
    no late coming after 8 (8 is that late ? )
    no cooking (wat r we supposed to eat)
    not to delhites (wierdest of the reason)
    rent for only tam brahms…..

    chennai sucks when looking for home……

    Comment by Deepak — August 24, 2006 @ 7:59 am | Reply

  5. Ya dude ! cool,
    It’s always good to know that there’s someone worse off than where you stand now. Cheers!


    Comment by coolantz — August 25, 2006 @ 3:20 am | Reply

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